1. Is it possible to submit a manuscript this month?
    Sharing: Journal of Islamic Economis, Management and Business receives manuscripts at any time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with no restrictions. Only publish schedule depends on the results of review and editor's decision. The sooner you submit, the better.
  2. How long does it take to publish a Sharing?
    Each manuscript that is submitted will be reviewed: 1) Editorial review; 2) Review by at least two or three competent reviewers. Both approaches are heavily reliant on the editors' and reviewers' availability of time, as well as the communication mechanism between writers and editors during the review process.
  3. Can my manuscript be published immediately, as this is a requirement for my graduation?
    This is a completely preventable question for the EDITOR; simply follow the journal's business process as it should be. Questions like these will prompt the editor to be more thorough in reviewing the author's manuscript. As a result, the author will suffer indirectly as a result of the query.
  4. Is it possible to send manuscripts by email?
    Everything about  Sharing administration is web-based, from author submissions through publication. It also benefits the author because he or she may track the status of the submission in real-time and communicate with the editor directly through the journal's website. We do not accept manuscript submissions through email.
  5. Avoid requesting that editors process your submission as soon as possible.
    The editor's work and responsibilities have evolved to include the processing of incoming manuscripts.
  6. Avoid questioning when my paper will be accepted and published, as everything is dependent on the results of the review process by editors and reviewers.
  7. When was the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) given?
    LOA can be applied after the manuscript has been declared approved by the editor and has met the standards for publication, not before the article is submitted.