Author's Guide

Please use the following guidelines to prepare your manuscript before sending it.



Author1, Author2 [Times New Roman 10]

1Department, Faculty, Institution [Times New Roman 9]

2Department, Faculty, Institution [Times New Roman 9]

1email, 2email*, [Times New Roman 9] *for corresponding author

The title should be clear and concise. The title uses capital letters and bold. The author's name and affiliation as written above. The author's name is written clearly without a title. Heading numbering with Arabic system with sub-heading maximum up to 3 levels.

Abstracts [Times New Roman 9]

The abstract is to be in fully-justified italicized text, at the top of the paper with single column as it is here, below the abstrack in Indonesian. Use the word “Abstract” as the title, in 10-point Times, boldface type, left relative to the column, initially capitalized. The abstract is to be in 9-point, single-spaced type, about 150 to 250 words in length.  List three to six keywords related to the articles.


Abstract keywords (keywords are written in 3 - 6 words/phrases which should be a subset of the manuscript title  and separated by commas between words/phrases).

Examples Keywords: Outcome Learning, Learning Media, Critical Thinking Skils, [maximum 6 keywords]

Manuscript Structure

The article should contain writings containing, 1)  Introduction, 2)  Research Methods (can include analysis, architecture, methods used to solve problems, implementation), 3) Results and Discussion, 4)  Conclusions, 5) Acknowledgment (if any) and Reference. Subtitles use the times New Roman 10,5 bold letters.

The content of the introduction is the answer to the question: a. Background, b. Brief literature review, c. The reason for this research, d. The question of purpose.

Research Methodology

Describe the preparation methods and characterization techniques used. Describe concisely and accurately such as  size, volume, replication, and workmanship techniques. For the new method it must be explained in detail for other researchers to reproduce the experiment. While the established method can be explained by reviewing literature.

Length of Manuscripts

Manuscripts are written in A4 paper size with a minimum 3000 words and maximum of 7000 words, including tables and drawings, as well as with reference to the writing procedures as compiled in this article.


Tables must be numbered in the order of presentation (Table 1, etc.). The title of the table is written above the table with the center justified position, there is no bold or colored print. The font used is 9pt in both the table title and the contents of the table. Tables should be referenced and referenced in manuscripts and 1 space. There is no perpendicular line in the table.


Figures are numbered in the order of presentation (Figure.1, etc.). Figures caption the image is placed under the image in the middle position (center justified). The font used in the image title is 9pt.  The image should be referenced and referenced in the manuscript. The picture must be legible. Look at Figure 1.

Page Specifications

Use the Times New Roman type throughout the manuscript, with letter sizes as exemplified in this writing guide. The space distance is single, and the content of the writing or manuscript uses a left-right (justified) alignment. The page size is A4 (210 mm x 297 mm). The page margin is 25 mm up-down, left, and right. An easy way to write a script is to write directly in the Journal template.


It is recommended to use Mendeley/Zotero tools for referral management. Everything listed in the bibliography/reference must be referenced / referenced in the manuscript. Minimum of 15 primary and recent references (last 5 years). Written in 10.5pt letter size and using the APA Style format, each reference is highly recomended accompanied by a DOI (reference linking) link.