About the Journal

Zootecnia Journal

Zootecnia Journal is published by Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai in helping academics, researchers, and practitioners to disseminate their research results. Zootecnia Journal is a blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing quality research results in the animal husbandry. All publications in theZootecnia Journal are open access which allows articles to be available online for free without any subscription.

Zootecnia Journal is a national journal with e-ISSN: XXX - XXX, and is free of charge in the submission process and review process. Zootecnia Journal publishes articles periodically two a year, in January and July.

Focus and Scope
Zootecnia Journal is intended as a medium for scientific studies of research results, animal production, animal feed and nutrition, animal reproduction and breeding, animal post-harvest technology, socio-economic livestock, and animal health. This is part of the spirit of disseminating knowledge resulting from research and thoughts for service to the wider community. In addition, it is also a source of reference for academics in the field of education and learning, social, humaniora, Religion and Philosophy.

Zootecnia Journal publishes papers regularly two a year, in January and July. All publications in the Zootecnia Journal are open, allowing articles to be available online for free without subscription.