Tinjauan Tingkat Kerusakan Jalan Lingkungan di Kecamatan Bangkinang Kota Menggunakan Metode Bina Marga



Neighborhood Street is a public road that serves environmental transportation with the characteristics of short-distance travel, low average speed and connecting between activity centers within residential areas. Along with the increase in population and regional growth and to realize the improvement of the quality of environmental road infrastructure, it is necessary to have good environmental road management. The purpose of this study was to produce an environmental roadmap in Bangkinang District, Kampar Regency, Riau Province.  The method used is Bina Marga.  The Bina Marga (BM) method evaluates the extent of road damage by observing the roughness of surfaces, potholes, patches, cracks, grooves, and abrasions. The results of the study found that the condition of the Environmental Roads in Bangkinang Kota Subdistrict was mostly damaged by roads that suffered the most transverse, longitudinal cracks and there were some of the roads in Bangkinang Kota District that were severely damaged such as in Gang Reformasi 1, side alleys of the Grand Mosque, and other alleys in Bangkinang Kota District, which had to be repaired so that road users could drive comfortably.